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dilluns, 11 de març de 2013

Montsonís Castle

On Friday 1st February, classes 1st and 2nd Primaria visited Salgar Monastery and Montsonís Castle. It was a beautiful sunny day, so everyone was very happy. When we first arrived at the Monastery, it was amazing to see because it's built into the mountain side. The tour guide, Pep, was very friendly and explained the history of the place to all the children, which interested them. 
After we left Salgar Monastery, we drove to Montsonís Castle where we were met by one of the 'Queen's' servents and a tower guard (Pep). They let us inside and the children were very excited to meet the Queen. She explained some of the histroy of the Castle and showed us many rooms, from the Living Room, the Dining Room, the Bedroom and even the Roof and Towers. The view from the top was beautiful. We finished the tour by visiting the Kitchen, the Basement and ultimately, the Dungeons! Both locations educated and interested the kids. I think everyone had a good time seeing the sights.
The Castles in Catalonia are very different to the Castles in England. But I think they're all lovely in their own different ways. 
Charlotte Dawson